"BRICs Xiamen summit" sunrise large-scale rolling plastic lighting &am


On the morning of September 4, 2017, the ninth BRICs leaders' meeting opened in Xiamen International Conference Center. As the main venue of the summit - Xiamen International Conference Center, after six months of "closed door training", it climbed the international stage with a new attitude and became the focus of the whole country and the world.


Figure 1. 8m diameter rolling plastic chandelier made by sunrise

Above the Phoenix hall where the BRICs leaders met, there is a lantern made by a large-scale rolling technology manufactured by Wenling Xuri Rolling Technology Co., Ltd. The lantern is 9.3 meters in diameter and covers an area equivalent to a standard badminton court. Huadeng is a hyperboloid art form, which can't be processed with traditional materials due to strict technical requirements. However, considering multiple factors such as volume, light efficiency and safety, the designers of BRICs summit put forward the idea of using plastic to build large lampshade, which is a "innovation" for lighting and plastic industry.

Due to the high specification of the BRICs Xiamen summit, the designer put forward particularly high requirements. The first is safety. The strength and rigidity of large plastic lampshade must meet the safety standards to ensure the use safety. The second is good light efficiency, high transmittance, high haze, color rendering to achieve more than 90%, to ensure the color reduction. The third is that the requirements of flame retardant, environmental protection, odorless, non-toxic and harmless materials are more hard indicators.

These hard indicators have brought difficulties to the contractor Beijing Versailles Lighting Co., Ltd. for this reason, Beijing Versailles Lighting Co., Ltd. has found our company (Wenling Xuri Rolling Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.) and Professor Wu Daming, director of plastic machinery and Plastic Engineering Research Institute of Beijing University of chemical technology, Professor Wu and Xuri rolling plastic technology research and development team have carefully studied the large-scale lighting of the project The requirements of the company and the former lampshades of Versailles Lighting Co., Ltd. are made of marble, glass or crystal materials. The idea and feasibility of making large-scale lampshades by rolling plastic technology are put forward. After 60 days and nights of hard work, Xuri team and Beihua team have successfully completed the task within the time specified by the organizer of the golden brick summit.


图2 由旭日制造的直径9.3m的滚塑吊灯

The large-scale rolling plastic lighting is the first in the rolling plastic technology. The organizers of the BRICs summit do not understand the rolling plastic technology, many requirements do not conform to the rolling plastic manufacturing technology, and how to conform to the rolling plastic manufacturing technology does not change the requirements of the hosted design of the BRICs summit. In order to meet the rolling plastic processing technology, the team proposed that the original design should not be changed as a whole, But it can optimize the design principle of details, so that only the original design is more perfect and more in line with the rolling process. After optimizing the design details, there are many difficulties in mold, material, manufacturing technical parameters and subsequent shrinkage finalization, which must be solved in a short period of time. After many times of design by team R & D personnel and repeated light transmittance, color rendering, flame resistance, manufacturing process technical parameters, cooling, finalization and other experiments by R & D team and members of product department, we can make full preparation in advance and production The process is smooth and the determination to finish the task ahead of time.