Wang Changrong


Wang Changrong, a senior engineer, is a member of China Association for Science and Technology, China Shipbuilding Association, Anhui Machinery Industry Federation. He was the main person in charge of the key projects of the National 863 plan, wining a number of provincial and ministerial awards for scientific and technological progress. He was awarded the first prize in an activity with ideal&contribution as the theme within the Association for Science and Technology for three times, and was also awarded the municipal advanced worker and outstanding member of Communist Party. He served as assistant to plant manager, director of material supply, director of designing, and minister of boat making at the former state-owned factory 425. During this period, he published five papers in China's Shipbuilding Technology and China Ship Repair . In 2002, he was rated as one of the "top ten technical talents" and was awarded by the government. After joining our company, he has developed more than twenty new Rotational Moulding processes and products, among which 20 were recognized as invention patents and utility patents by the state intellectual property office and 2 were supported by the National Innovation Fund.

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