Zhu Guocai


Zhu Guocai is the general manager of Rising Sun Rotomolding Co., Ltd. What’s more, he is one of the experts of China Plastics Processing Industry Association and servers as the director of the R&D center for Rising Sun Rotomolding at Beijing University of Chemical Technology. His research achievements are fruitful: since 2008, he has independently developed 20 kinds of related equipment, such as carousel-type, shuttle-type, oven-swing type rotational moulding machine and rotational moulding boat. All these machines are energy-saving, environmental friendly and fully removable; he has applied for 6 national invention patents, over 20 utility model patents, and 5 appearance patents; in 2011, the company won a major science and technology project of wenling city; he has written many papers, including “Advanced Manufacturing Technology of Rotational Molding for Large Plastic Products”, “Automation of Rotational Moulding and Time Saving under Current Conditions”, “The Crisis of Rotational Moulding Industry”, “Status Quo and Development Trend of Rotary Molding Industry”, “The Effect of Rotational Hot Air Circulation on Product Quality and Energy Saving”, “The Close Relationship between Rational Moulding Inspection Well and Plastic Pipe” and so on. These papers have been published in some authoritative journals, such as Proceedings of the Expert Committee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, China Rotational moulding Technology and Plastic Hollow Products.

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