Rotomolding equipment

Carousel Rotomolding Machine

1. Three stations(Heating, cooling, disassembly) can be operated like a assembly line to increase yield;

2. High utilization rate of oven makes equipment more energy-saving and environmental friendly;

3. This is suitable for simultaneous production of products with similar molding time;

4. Independent cooling station improves plant environment;

5. Fixed disassembly station contributes to easy operation.

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Rotomolding Mould

  • Steel Mould

    Rapid moulding technology

    1.Light mould weight

    2.Long life time

    3.With very good thermal conductivity

    4.The mould cost is cost effective

    5.High precision of mould forming and even thickness after technology improvement.


  • Aluminium Mould

    1. High precision of mould forming.

    2. Suitable for mould with complex curved surfaces,small sizes and high precision requirements.

    3. Good surface quality and uniform mould wall thickness.